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How to display your profile in the Dancer Database

On our website we offer a free profile for dancer’s to share their information.

Only registered users can see the dancer directory.

If you would like to have your profile displayed in the database, follow these steps.

Step 1

Once you have logged in navigate to Profile in the menu, or you can skip steps by going to Settings.

Dance Africa Network how to create a profile in the Dancers Directory.


Step 2

Click on the Settings Cog to go into your account settings.

My Account Settings on Dance Africa Network for the Dancer Database

Step 3

Select Privacy.

Select Privacy Tab in your Account Settings

Look for the heading “Hide my profile from directory” change the options from the default “Yes” to “No”.

Privacy Settings in My Account on Dance Africa network

Now your profile will be displayed in the Dancers Directory for Logged In users only.

If you experience any issues please Contact Us


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