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Keeping the dance community together during social distancing

Dance Africa Network caught up with the ladies (Anuq Wilson & Leticia Fisher-Marshall) behind the initiative of Soulitary, an online dance platform keeping the dance community going during the Covid19 Lock Down, in South Africa.  Here is how the interview went.


Dance Africa Network: What is Soulitary

Soulitary: Soulitary is an online dance platform. Daily classes taught by different teachers and choreographers all over SA. The platform is available live on Facebook daily.

Dance Africa Network: How did the initiative come about?

Soulitary: The initiative came about where we identified that during the COVID-19 SA Lockdown dancers will no longer be able to be active. This includes dancing at cyphers, attending events, taking class, rehearsals for work, making money through dance and most importantly a platform to keep dancers psychologically and mentally stimulated. This is an ideal time for dancers or all people to become depressed and if we can alleviate that in some way, the initiative is already a success.

Dance Africa Network: Which teachers have currently been on the roster?

Soulitary: We have been lucky enough to have a supportive dance community to back the idea, some of the dance facilitators who volunteered are Barry Baumgart, Leila Meyer, Darim Da Paixo, Shami Kinnear, Keegan Barnes, Leticia Fisher-Marshall, Anuq Wilson, Shannon Kavido, Rudi Smit, Hope Maimane, Kevin Koy, Adrian Saunders, and Samantha Fredericks just to name a few

Dance Africa Network: How can one take part in the classes?

Soulitary: You can simply follow our Facebook page, Soulitary South Africa, have a look at the schedule and then tune in. The classes are run either live on Facebook or a video will be posted. The live videos are also saved on the page for you to access if you don’t have Wi-Fi or if you have missed the class.

Dance Africa Network: How can external teachers be involved to help the initiative?

Soulitary: You can inbox our page with your offering and we will look into getting them on the schedule if a post has not already been filled.

Everyone qualified or with quite a lot of experience is welcome!

Dance Africa Network: Any plans on continuing with the initiative once the pandemic has surpassed.

Soulitary: We are Definitely looking at keeping it going. We know that despite efforts to create this platform under the relevant circumstances, online classes are a future revenue stream for dancers and an accessible way to connect us to dancers all over the world!

Dance Africa Network: In your opinion what can we learn from this pandemic as the dance industry of South Africa

Soulitary:  BE PREPARED! Save money, have a plan B! Never be caught unawares! The future is not certain. Don’t get comfortable with what is available to you now. Adopt a business mindset, equip yourself, and reach out to industry professionals who can advise you on how to start your brand or run your prospective idea! Do not wait for it to be too late to action that idea you have!

From Dance Africa Network we would like to thank you and the teachers who have volunteered in keeping the dance community of South Africa busy during the lockdown. We wish you well and we hope that this platform continues after everything goes back to normal.

Written By: Dance Africa Network

Edited By: Leila Meyer

Image: Paul Luthando

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