Soulitary SA – Live Dance Classes

Soulitary SA – Live Dance Classes

You are invited to attend these online dance classes with Soulitary SA. 

They are fun, interactive and free.

It’s time to get a dance space ready, warm up, stretch and join me below for the playlist of online dance classes.

Soulitary Wants You!!!


We are looking to partner with you! If you are a teacher and are interested in offering your time, watch this video and get in touch with us, or tag someone you know who might be keen! #lockdown #teachers #physio #business #wellnesscoach #fitness #danceclass #danceteacher #international #southafrica #soulitary #soulitarysouthafrica

Posted by Soulitary South Africa on Monday, April 20, 2020


So let’s get into it!. Below is a playlist of some of the latest classes.

Just scroll to find the right one for you.

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I know we enjoyed that!. Subscribe now, stay tuned for more, this incredible platform is calling for you!.

Remember Soulitary SA is looking to get in touch with you if your a teacher interested in hosting a class. 

Follow the link below.

Soulitary SA Facebook Link

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