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Looking to discover the latest dance news in South Africa, look no further. Here is a great space for advertising, discussions and learning. If you are an event promoter or a studio owner this is where you can share your promotional material, latest special or upcoming classes. 

Get ready to dance your heart out and compete for a chance to win some cash in our upcoming Just Dance Challenge! Happening on the 13th of October, this challenge is open to anyone ages 8 and up who loves to dance and have fun.

To join, all you need is a smartphone and an entry fee of R100.00. If you bring a friend along, the fee will be R150.00 for both of you. Once you’ve registered, get ready to battle it out in three rounds of dance-off with other participants.

Not only will you get to showcase your dance skills and potentially win some money, but you’ll also get to meet and connect with other dance enthusiasts. So, gather your friends and family and join us for an exciting day of music, dance, and fun. We can’t wait to see you there! 

Decor Couches
R400 - Vereeniging

Couches for Events
Boom your Date now, T&C apply 
061 332 0223 
22 Voortrekker street, VereenigingImage attachmentImage attachment
Lets welcome our dance enthusiasts, tell us a bit about yourself?
Rene Noatschk,
Andrés Gutiérrez,
Zeenit Carolus,
Simbarashe Chaporonga,
Esme Wiid,
Bowofade Ayodele KB,
Lien Apsa,
Jakob Walz,
Mtha Jobe,
Gabriel Mendez,
Jeraldo Perez,
Mobiloitte South Africa,
Kyle Jérôme Georgiou,
Marital Bengo,
Mole Genster Mole Genster,
Mj Banao,
Masola Mathibza,
Md Ramim Islam,
Boby Kumar,
Zulfqaar Ali,
Michael Jason,
Braam Keyser,
Pauline Mendez,
Shylet Nyika,
Stephanie Singh,
Baba Pleasa,
Blanta Beauger,
Nancy Wheeler

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Welcome 🤗 everybody

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Contemporary Dance Class on Saturday, 07 October 2023!

Artscape Theatre
5th Floor
Studio 552

The class promises to be informative, challenging and fun to do 😁
Excited to be sharing the space with movers and shakers.

Open to all dancers of some experience, but also come if youre keen, well figure it out on the floor. 🙂

For the non-dancers and those who are unable to make it. You are able to support a dancer by donating for their class.

Looking forward to moving with you.

#theaimsociety #amplify #innovate #movement
Its Game Day!
Go Bokke!!!
#greenandgold #Springboks #RWC2023 #greenandgold #springboksupporters 

📱 084 299 8822

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